Schrodinger's Wedding

How can we explain that...

Basically, from the date of your signature, you are married and not married at the SAME time. The technicality is in the processing of your paperwork. So, although you have technically signed yourselves into marriage in front of a Notary, which technically “CouchWedds” you, the courts have not yet received your documents, which equals you technically not being married yet. It is quite the dinner conversation piece.

Are you REALLY married?

The answer lies in your perception of the hypothetical question posed by Erwin Schrodinger in 1935 during a thought experiment involving a cat, a sealed box, and a bit of poison. Schrodinger used “Schrodinger’s Cat” as a tool for his quantum theory students.  At the beginning of the thought experiment, a living cat is placed in a steel box with a little bit of radioactive substance, and it is sealed shut. Once the substance decays, a Geiger counter (or a relay mechanism) is triggered, causing a poison or explosion to be released inside of the box, killing the cat. The radioactive substance is governed by the laws of quantum mechanics, which states that the atom starts in a state of “going to decay” and “not going to decay.” In an observer-driven application, where no conscious observer is present, there are two outcomes: Living Cat vs. Dead Cat.

WHAT does this have to do with my marriage?

Once you have sealed away your processed documents, they become the Cat. Is your Cat Alive or Dead? Only the Post Man will decide your fate. Has the package been delivered? Have your documents reached its final handler to be processed into matrimonial legality? Did everything go smoothly?

Open your final envelope to find out!