Definitely! That’s why our company got its name.

You have a hard time leaving your home? Or you just feel safer that way due to various reasons?

If you order our All-Inclusive Kit, get a mobile notary of your choice, and you schedule a pickup with USPS for the mail, then you don’t even have to leave your home!

(You may also require witnesses for the notarization in the states of Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana and South Carolina. Please check back with your local notary.)

We cannot guarantee that it is the easiest wedding process, but we highly suspect it! 

A CouchWedd Kit can be used if:

  • The Spouses are at least 16 years of age
  • Spouses between the age of 16-18 have a consenting parent/guardian and have never been married before
  • Both spouses are in the same state within the United States while using the Kit

A CouchWedd Kit cannot be used if:

  • Minors are younger than 16
  • Minors between 16-18 do not have a consenting parent/guardian or have been married before
  • The Spouses are not in the same state within the United States while using the Kit

No, the CouchWedd process does not require a marriage license at all, and you don’t have to obtain a license before or during the process.

No matter what state you live in or planning to use your Kit in.

There is no name change included in our CouchWedd Kits but in most cases, one of the widely available Name Change Kits will do the trick!
Please check out HitchSwitch
But either way, we recommend researching regulations and needed documents of your state in advance. Make sure to refer to your state’s regulations for name changes.
The CouchWedd process will provide you with a marriage certificate and usually, your local SSA and DMV department should accept it as such.
Please consider seeking legal advice.

Yes, If you are not sure yet where you and your spouse will tie the knot, you can order a so-called Multi-State Kit (+ $15 for every additional state). 

Simply let us know the possible states during the ordering process, and we will prepare your documents according to your submitted data.

If you haven’t ordered a Multi-State Kit, you may still be able to use your Kit in several different states. 

That depends on the notary being able to process the documents with you in this state.

However if you choose the Multi-State option we will specifically prepare your documents for as many states as you would like to (additional fees for each state, please see our price list). 

We recommend ordering your CouchWedd Kit not more than 4 weeks in advance of your planned wedding day and using it within the current year.

The longer you don’t use your Kit, the more likely it is that something is out of date.

You can also order by phone, fax, and mail. 

If you would like to do so, please contact us first using our contact form. Please also allow those kind of orders a processing time of 2-4 weeks.

DIY E-Kit: 24-48 hours*

DIY E-Kit with Express Option: 12-24 hours*

All-Inclusive Kit: 3-10 days*

All-Inclusive Kit with Express Option: 1-5 days*

*After successfully completing the data collection process.

If you choose our All-Inclusive Kit, then everything you will need to complete your CouchWedd by yourself is included:

  • Prepared documents
  • All documents twice for mishaps
  • Easy Step-by-Step Guides
  • Free pre-stamped & pre-labeled envelopes
  • Court fees included
  • Completely trackable process
  • Free filing materials
  • Some free accessories for your CouchWedd

Wait for your Kit in the mail, sign with your notary, and use the included materials for shipping and filing. Wait for your final document in the mail!

If you choose our DIY E-Kit, the following is included:

  • Prepared digital documents
  • Easy digital Step-by-Step Guides

Sign your documents in as little as 24h!

You will be required to print your documents, sign with your notary, and follow the steps on the included Guide. Simply gather all the required materials listed on the Guide and prepare and ship everything by yourself. Wait for your final document in the mail!

If properly completed, your wedding date is the day you both process your Kit and sign your documents together with a notary.

Yes, of course!

You are the bride and would love to wear a beautiful white wedding dress? Or you are the groom and would like to wear a black suit? Your best friends have to be the bridesmaids, and you need some breathtaking wedding pictures made by a wedding photographer? And of course, you need a delicious wedding cake??

How you celebrate your wedding is entirely up to you! Invite your friends and family to your unique wedding ceremony and party if you want to!

Or you just get married at home on your couch! 😉

No specific officiant is needed for processing your Kit. You can combine your Kit with almost every ceremony.

You only need a notary for your CouchWedd!

If everything goes smoothly, your marriage will be official! Of course, we provide you with material that makes the process as easy as possible for you.

Currently, only one state offers this opportunity, but you will receive a regular marriage certificate which will be recognized in all 50 states if completed correctly.

It’s like eloping and getting married in Las Vegas, but without Vegas and leaving your home!

For more information please see our Terms of Service & Disclaimer.


After both spouses signed the document in front of a notary, it has to be sent to the court within 30 days.

If everything goes smoothly, your final document will be in your mailbox 2-4 weeks after you processed your Kit.

No worries, there is nothing wrong with your Kit!

The CouchWedd process is only possible in specific states and therefore your documents not necessarily match with your home state. This will not affect your CouchWedd process at all.

The final decision which documents to pick should be made by you.

If you are not sure which version is the best choice, please consult a notary and/or seek legal advice.

Please write a correction email to and we will do our best to fix it. If the mistakes were submitted with your Data Collection, additional fees may apply.

Any Questions left?