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At this point, you must be dying to know who is sitting on the CouchWedd cushions…

We are a couple from Europe who have been together for over ten years. Traveling the world together, we spend almost 50% of our time in the United States of America. After returning to the U.S., earlier this year, we decided to marry, and booked our wedding in Las Vegas, Nevada on March 20, 2020. Three days before our wedding date, the COVID-19 pandemic caused Las Vegas to enter lockdown; our special day was canceled! Even worse – we needed to get married within a certain time frame. Calls upon calls were made to try and secure a marriage license; we even reached out to surrounding states with no success. 

This picture shows that our wedding in Las Vegas was canceled.

Research became our third wheel, giving us the momentum to create an emergency solution to our matrimonial mishap, thus birthing a business idea: CouchWedd.

We are THE first CouchWedd couple!

Our goal here at CouchWedd is to spare people who want to get married the sweat and tears that we had to go through – Nobody wants to scramble like eggs on the sun to get hitched to their lifetime adventure buddy! Restless moments worrying whether or not we would be able to secure a marriage license became a thing of the past. Now that we have done all of the heavy lifting, let us celebrate with YOU! 

We want to change the world of marriage with our customizable Ready-To-Sign Wedding Kits so that way no matter how simple you want your Loveseat Wedding to be or how complex your Sectional Sofa Extravaganza, CouchWedd wants your special day to be 100% comfortable and cozy. Get married from just about ANYWHERE in the U.S.!

CouchWedd is committed to the equality of ALL people – We honestly don’t care who wants to get married: John & Kate, John & Henry, Lisa & Kate – WE WELCOME YOU ALL!

Just, of course, there are a few minor things: You MUST be at least 16 years of age and no family member marriages, please. (:

On top of our commitment to legally committing, CouchWedd wants you to know, that on top of our promise to bring you the remote wedding of your dreams, we are also committed to the environment. 

A TREE IS PLANTED FOR EVERY CouchWedd KIT SOLD! Remember we have only ONE EARTH.

As a black-owned company, CouchWedd stands for Freedom, Creativity & Equality.


Kristina & Joey

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